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Review: Lush Fresh Face Masks 'Brazened Honey' & 'Cosmetic Warrior'

Monday, September 29, 2014

I had been dying to try Lush Fresh Face Masks for FOREVER, but they always seem to be out of stock. The other day I finally got my hands on the last two pots in the fridge, Brazened Honey and Cosmetic Warrior which I have heard wonderful things about.

My skin has been getting a bit dry lately because of the fall weather so I decided to try Brazened Honey first, it claims to revitalize tired skin with warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices. This mask is super creamy and has tiny sand like grains in it so while you are applying it to your face is does a bit of exfoliating. Once you apply the mask to your entire face it begins to tingle and gives off a warming feeling, then begins to dry and crackle. The smell is nice, sort of herbal and spicy. After ten minutes I rinsed off the mask to reveal more evenly toned and calmed skin, with no dry flakes or patches visible. I really enjoyed this mask and it's gentle enough to use multiple times a week. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and fresh.  I would definitely purchase this again!

Cosmetic Warrior claims to be great for acne prone skin which I have been dealing with for years, and finding a good product that actually works is really hard so I have high hopes for this mask. The mask is a creamy pale colour and goes on very smooth and thick, because it is refrigerated it cools and soothes the area where you apply it. After ten minutes this mask doesn't dry and crackle like Brazened Honey did. After rinsing, my skin feels calmed and soothed, this is the type of mask you have to continue using to see the results. This mask was good except for the smell, the combo of tea tree and garlic was not very pleasant. Although, if you think you can handle the smell, I would definitely say to try this mask out!

Contributed by: Steff Ierullo

Model & Owner of Cocolush Skincare

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