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How To Make A Floral Smudge Stick

Friday, September 26, 2014

What's a smudge stick you ask? A smudge stick is essentially a bound bundle of white sage and herbs that is later burned to release a fragrant smoke. It can be used as an all natural incense, a bug repellent or depending on your spiritual beliefs, it is known to be a spiritual cleansing technique that has been used for thousands of years in rituals and ceremonies to rid negative energy from a person or a space. Floral smudge sticks are very fragrant and gorgeous to have around. Here are our step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own floral smudge stick!

Here's what I used but smudge sticks can be altered however that suits your preference:

Hemp String
Dried White Sage
Dried Sweetgrass
Dried Lavender
Dried Rose Petals

Tips: I get my white sage, sweetgrass and lavender from Forest Glen Herb Farm (This place is awesome, has a huge selection and the owner is super nice!). As for the rose petals, I get bouquets of roses from my local florist, put them on display for about a week and when they start wilting, I use them for not only smudge sticks but for bath bombs and healing aromatherapy baths. When it comes to smudge sticks, it is easier to wrap the rose petals when they are still fresh but dried work just as well and you don't have to wait for them to dry out to burn them. Hemp string you can find anywhere but you can also use cotton string.


1. Take the lavender and sweetgrass and fold the sweetgrass so it is the same size as the lavender (this will determine the length of the smudge stick). Tie the end with string. 

2. Begin wrapping the white sage in using the string. Hold the white sage with your finger while wrapping but be careful as it is very fragile when dry.

3. Once you reach the top, zig zag back down and bind anything that is sticking out.

4. When you reach the bottom, do a loop around where your original tie is then do the same thing you did with the white sage but this time with the rose petals.

5. Repeat step 3, bound the bottom to make a little handle for when you burn it then voila! You made a floral smudge stick!

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